True innovation requires knowing the needs of your customers and specifically addressing their pain points with new solutions. At the same time, it’s important to establish internal innovation processes in the company.

We support you with market research and consulting that looks and listens closely and presents you with multi-faceted approaches for innovations. We offer you a comprehensive range of concepts and methods that accompany all phases of idea development and design from a market research and consulting perspective and inspire you with new ideas to generate customer enthusiasm. We also advise you on the design and implementation of internal processes for successful idea creation and product development.

Key offers for innovation research

Leading-edge and creative.

Process consulting
We support you in establishing and implementing an internal, standardized innovation process. Starting with an as-is analysis of your product management process, we advise you on how to optimize your existing processes in innovation management and accompany the implementation of a standardized innovation process at your company.
Design thinking
If your company has already established design thinking processes, we support you with accompanying market research and consulting services, especially in the initial phase and the market research-related phases of observation and testing. We see ourselves not as an external input provider but as part of your team. We also offer the implementation of design thinking sprints for idea development at your company.
Consumer communities
The needs of customers can be explored comprehensively in online communities. This leads to better understanding of customers’ requirements and perceptions: You get to know the target group well over a longer period of time. Online communities also offer the advantage of lasting several days, enabling participants to deal with issues step by step and thus engage with them intensively: This is a good way for your ideas to “mature”.
Online trend scouting
We track down trends: In a dedicated online “search for clues”, we identify hidden experts, opinion leaders and early adopters in the relevant topic area and make their knowledge available to you. Get insight into emerging trends before your competitors do.
Quick innovation testing
We offer you a highly efficient, standardized measurement tool for the initial testing of new ideas and concepts – and thus a potential safeguard within an idea pipeline. Tests can be carried out with regard to effect, benefit and acceptance from the customer’s view.
You receive fast and valid go / don’t go decisions for the further development of ideas. If these are performed on a regular basis, we will build up a benchmark database for you and can differentiate it by product category if desired.
Plan Z – Time for the future
In our blog “Plan Z – Time for the Future”, you will find regular inspiration on the topics of “Innovation Management”, “Addressing Target Groups”, “Product Development” and “Consumer Trends”.
This way we encourage you to take time for future-oriented topics and out-of-the-box thinking beyond the daily business.
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Key competencies for your innovations

What makes us stand out…

Individual research concepts that inspire

Every problem and initial situation is unique. So is our research: Research design, methods and project content are tailored to your starting situation and objectives. We advise you on what is possible and sensible in terms of market research and on the best fit for your company-specific goals, expectations, requirements and budgets.

Comprehensive needs analyses

In our experience, in-depth interviews, empathy mapping, consumer diaries and consumer communities are especially fruitful for understanding (potential) customers in detail. They offer the required degree of openness, depth and flexibility. They can be combined with each other and with additional methods for an optimal understanding of a target group.

Agile approaches

In an innovation process, the destination of a journey is often still open. The process takes place step by step. Each step offers additional knowledge and also leads to new questions and perspectives. We therefore offer concepts that give you the necessary flexibility to adapt your next steps to the acquired knowledge. If desired, we can use methods that will give you particularly rapid insights or allow you to make fast decisions on further action.

Consulting and moderation skills

In our experience, customer surveys almost never directly yield true innovations, but they do provide numerous starting points for innovative solutions: Customers can describe their needs very precisely and, as a product expert, you can get started from there. For the successful design of innovations, we offer further consulting and moderating services, e.g. in the form of in-house workshops.


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Dr. Michaela Brocke, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN


“It is not so much the formal organizational structures as the process of organizing and its relationship qualities that decide the competitive and future viability of companies.”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Tanja Höllger, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN


“It is not so much the formal organizational structures as the process of organizing and its relationship qualities that decide the competitive and future viability of companies.”