The financial services market is going through an enormous change. Many new opportunities are opening up for the providers, but so are considerable risks. The digital shift makes it possible for new market players (Fintechs) to attack established providers with innovative digital offers, revolutionizing or even completely replacing individual traditional business models. Of course it is decisive whether the new offers and services generate true added value from a customer perspective. Established market providers face the challenge of developing and implementing their own digitization strategies – all the way to digital leadership. At the same time, the developed personal customer relations and fundamental trust may not erode any further; declining brand loyalty, provider hopping and distrust threaten to become problems that are homemade and typical for the industry. During the course of your own development, HEUTE UND MORGEN acts as a proven expert in premium market research and a reliable active consultation partner at your side. Take advantage of our extensive industry expertise!

Our offer to you!

Top quality & top service for your path into the future.

Market research with excellence
We work for many reputable and market-leading enterprises and can inspire them with our excellence in market research.
Particularly in insurance, even from A as in Allianz to Z as in Zurich.
Focus on development, progress, innovation
Our name HEUTE UND MORGEN already says it all: we focus on development, progress and innovation with our research and consulting services. We assist you in keeping pace with the market, help you avoid getting steamrolled by market dynamics and support you in developing your future in a timely and self-confident manner. We want you to stay ahead or work your way forward step by step!
Consultations with knowledge
Based on our great expertise and experience – and also because of our open and unpretentious disposition – we are highly appreciated as a competent sparring partner and active consultant in the financial service provider (FSP) industry. You too can profit from our competencies – we want to inspire you!

Key competencies for the FSP industry

We are a leading researcher and consultant in the FSP market.

High industry expertise

We have researched the financial services market intensively for more than 15 years. Our great expertise in respect to brands, products, customers and processes makes it possible for us to conceive and implement sophisticated projects which considers and integrates all of the parameters and determining factors relevant to your needs. We are also appreciated and known for integrating “fresh ideas” and “active sparring” in large and small research and consulting projects on a regular basis. At the same time, we also know how to put very complex situations into simple, easy-to-understand and valid forms in our survey concepts with B2C customers.

Customized concepts and methods

Based on our longstanding experience, we have many proven concepts and methods specifically for the FSP industry:
from the development of financial products and their marketing and sales to the analysis of satisfaction, loyalty drivers and customer satisfaction research up to communication and brand analyses. Our industry-specific strength in concepts and methods guides you confidently from the analysis to the implementation and strategic orientation.

Familiarity with all relevant target groups

We are perfectly familiar with your key target groups and their specific requirements: B2C and B2B customers, mediators and brokers, special and also particularly fastidious target groups.
We also offer special concepts that systematically combine various target groups with each other to achieve an integrated and comprehensive understanding of the market.

Extensive study program

We offer our customers a broad range of knowledge with our regular study series “Financial market trends”, “Target groups in the financial market”, “Insurance in plain language” and the annual benchmarking “Quality monitor AO sales”. Our market expertise and the deep insight into important trends, target groups and developments in sales let you profit directly in the implementation of individual studies as well as our consultations in marketing, product development and sales.

High consulting knowledge

Thanks to our longtime experience, we know how the industry “ticks”. We know the current trends and needs and know what matters on the market. We offer you precise and target-aimed advice based on our well-founded market research results. You will see us as a reliable consulting partner on an equal footing when it comes to distinguishing the important from the unimportant, in the selection and prioritization of relevant action fields and in the development and implementation of concrete measures.

Broad partner network & great reputation

We have a broad partner network in the financial services sector. This ranges from committees such as the AMC and specialized service providers such as Versicherungsforen Leipzig to highly established research partners and field institutes. Our lectures at expert events and numerous publications have given us a great reputation in the industry as well as the trade press.

«With HEUTE UND MORGEN, our ear is close to the customer. The team understands how to make the essential comprehensible and separate it from the unimportant and the ‘noise’. HEUTE UND MORGEN supplies us with information and insights that advance our activities.»

Ulrich Borchmann, Senior Market Researcher, Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG

«Anyone who wants to explore and test important perspectives of the future and innovations on the market is in good hands at HEUTE UND MORGEN. Here a broad perspective is paired with reliable detail work, very attentive customer service with active expert consultation. The cooperation is very stimulating and really fun.»

Marianne van Vorst, Market Research, AachenMünchener


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“Profit from our excellence and our comprehensive industry expertise in the FSP market!”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Robert Quinke, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN

“Profit from our excellence and our comprehensive industry expertise in the FSP market!”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Dr. Michaela Brocke, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN

“Profit from our excellence and our comprehensive industry expertise in the FSP market!”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Tanja Höllger, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN

“Profit from our excellence and our comprehensive industry expertise in the FSP market!”