The customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty analyses by HEUTE UND MORGEN go far beyond simply retrospective status quo observations. We show you how you can retain and captivate customers in the future and under changed conditions as well – at all relevant touchpoints and in the entire customer lifecycle. The digitization of business and communication processes, for example, has become a basic requirements in many areas to keep up with customer expectations. At the same time, it is crucial to strengthen personal relationship qualities and not lose sight of the customers as emotionally acting and decision-making beings. For that reason we will also support you on many important issues and topics regarding active customer relations management.

Key offers for customer satisfaction & customer loyalty

To turn market opportunities into real company success!

Customer journey studies & touchpoint analyses
Where and how can you convince and captivate your customers – and in which areas might you actually disappoint or annoy them? How well is your customer support organized in various distribution channels and how do they interact? Where are the central drivers for success and obstacles on the path towards customer acquisition and customer loyalty? We will give you knowledgeable answers to these and additional questions.
Surveys of cancelling & new customers
Surveys of cancelling and new customers are an important source of information for your company optimization. We show you how you can significantly reduce cancellations and termination ratios, which cancelling clients can be regained successfully and which strengths and weaknesses are decisive at the starting and ending points of the customer relations.
Customer feedback &
net promoter score
Is your company already in a genuine and open dialogue with your customers? You can only act appropriately and anchor the customer orientation firmly in your organization if you get continuous and timely customer feedback. We supply you with valuable feedback tools and convenient monitoring systems for this purpose.
Competitor analyses & benchmark analyses
Learn from the best! Do you know where you stand in terms of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in a comparison among competitors? Our surveys of the competitors’ customers and benchmark comparison determine your specific strengths and development potentials in the market and create orientation as well as new goals.
Usability analyses
Your website isn’t just the central face for your company, it also increasingly develops into a success-related slogan of many customer relations processes. Our analyses of the direct user experience and behavior will advance you considerably.
Surveys of sales partners
Do you know the key determining factors with which you can also support, motivate as well as retain your sales and sales partners? You can rely on our special expertise in this decisive target group segment.

Key competencies in the area of customer satisfaction & customer loyalty

Very close to the customer – listening with the third ear!

Groundbreaking customer attractiveness model

Success driver analyses require target figures with high prognostic potential for the actual market success. This is why we developed target figures that integrates frequently neglected elements for success, for example by weighing the willingness to recommend to others with the actual customer behavior (“I often speak with friends and relatives about my experiences with the company XY”). This model is proven to have a higher correlation with the success of the company than traditional loyalty figures.

Informative analyses of the drivers of success

Based on our customer attractiveness model, we analyze conceivable measures in terms of how they might contribute to success. In the process, we use particularly intelligent statistic methods. This gives you higher relevant knowledge about success drivers and the customer expectations regarding service levels.

International experience

We also regularly survey and analyze on a transnational and global basis!
In this process, we integrate our knowledge about special cultural aspects and country-specific market situations.

Sophisticated B2B target groups

We are proven experts in surveying upscale target groups and decision makers! We apply the best survey methods to speak to your B2B customers at eye level, all the way to the executive board.
A key highlight of our work consists of sales partner surveys, with which we help you to better utilize your sales potentials.

Customized strategy concepts

Our survey methods are individually adapted to your target groups and optimally utilize each sampling!
Since there are increasing legal problems with phone surveys, we have developed an ideal alternative in the form of an online customer survey with a mailed invitation (incl. link and QR code for the survey), with which we have had great experiences in many projects with up to 100,000 approached customers.

High consultation strength

Customer-focused market research is the beginning and not the end of the activities. Based on our established success analyses, we accompany you on the path to greater customer orientation and optimized processes. Be sure to use our management-oriented consultation offers as well!


Your personal contact person

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“The customer is not an unknown being – you just have to learn to understand and love him.”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Robert Quinke, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN

“The customer is not an unknown being – you just have to learn to understand and love him.”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Dr. Michaela Brocke, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN

“The customer is not an unknown being – you just have to learn to understand and love him.”

Contact us today. It’s worth it!

Tanja Höllger, CEO of HEUTE UND MORGEN

“The customer is not an unknown being – you just have to learn to understand and love him.”