Quality standards & data security at HEUTE UND MORGEN

Top quality and professional handling of sensitive data!

Quality standards

We provide our clients with market research & consultations with the highest quality. For us, quality means that we offer our customers individual, demand-based and optimal solutions for their requests in close cooperation. This is why we have defined the following quality principles and quality assurance measures:

Competent conception and reliable support

  • Even before the proposal is prepared, we thoroughly consider the needs of your company. As a result, you will receive an offer that is customized individually for your requirements, which lists recommended and alternative approaches, gives an impression of the representation of results and shows individual prices for all project steps and service elements.
  • The methods and procedures we use are based on the latest scientific insights.
  • The project management is distinguished by longstanding experience with methods, projects and the industry.
  • We strive to be a reliable partner for your company for all topics in market research and management. We will also be there for you independently of specific projects and are glad to assist you with suggestions and recommendations.

Professional data compilation

Depending on the industry and target group of the survey, we selected the appropriate field institute. Since we are independent, we are not bound to any particular provider. HEUTE UND MORGEN exclusively uses field service providers with high quality standards. These are specified in a framework agreement before the collaboration.

  • Programming of questionnaires
    • The project management extensively reviews and tests the programming of the survey.
    • During the field phase, interviewers and respondents can give us direct feedback about any potential problems.
  • Selection and briefing of interviewer
    • Only appropriately trained and qualified interviewers are used in survey projects. We only work with interviewers who have B2B experience in B2B customer surveys.
    • The project manager personally instructs the interviewers for the respective study.
    • The instruction is followed by a pre-test, in which the project manager accompanies the interviews. Next comes another feedback round with the interviewers before the study goes out into the field.
    • In qualitative studies, the project manager generally conducts part of the interviews and moderation on his or her own. Then we assign exclusively experienced certified psychologists who are trained in interviewing and moderating techniques and have a broad and longstanding range of experiences in market research.
  • Field control and supervision
    • During CATI interviews, supervisors are constantly present for the interview control and listen in on 5 to 10 percent of the interviews. For personal interviews, at least 25 percent of the interviews are subsequently checked by phone.
    • The project manager controls the utilization and quota management each day. We can provide you with utilization logs upon request. For online surveys, we can arrange personal access to your survey for you upon request, which gives you direct access to the daily utilization logs and results.

Highly qualified analysis and reporting

  • Data cleansing
    • The interview quality is reviewed in detail on the basis of the survey period and answer consistency. Interviews with inadequate quality are eliminated from the data analysis.
  • Analysis and reporting
    • For qualitative studies, an analytical meeting with all interviewers is held once the interviews are completed. The client may participate in this meeting if desired.
    • For quantitative studies, our data processing goes far beyond descriptive analyses. We rely on sophisticated statistical processes in our in-depth data analyses.
    • A second person checks the results on the basis of the raw data. There are also plausibility assessments based on pre-wave results and available representative surveys.
    • Our philosophy is to briefly and succinctly present you with the main results of the respective study, including our recommendations for actions. Your wishes are given top priority during the creation of the report.
    • In close coordination with you, we derive concrete implications from the market research study and support you in the execution of the prepared measured if desired.

Data security

Since we work with highly sensitive data on a daily basis, the topic of data security at HEUTE UND MORGEN has a high priority – in the interest of our customers, the surveyed persons and also for the public reputation of market research. For that reason, HEUTE UND MORGEN, as a member in the Association of German Market and Social Researchers (BVM), has not only committed to the legal data security regulations but also the strict professional standards for handling data in market research, which the BVM has prepared together with the Work Group of German Market Research Institutes (ADM). For highly professional conduct in the field of data security, we also work with an external data security representative. This results in the following benefits for our customers:

  • Competent consultations
    • Our data security representative has great expertise and is certified by the TÜV authority. Due to continuous advanced training, our data security representative is always familiar with the latest requirements.
    • This way we can offer our customers competent and reliable consultations as well as professional and practical solutions, especially for data security questions in the scope of market research projects.
  • Certified data security
    • Together with HEUTE UND MORGEN, our data security representative has also worked out professional solutions to implement data security requirements at our company. Based on the implemented technical and organizational measures, he confirms our excellent compliance with all data security regulations in a data security certificate.
    • We will gladly provide the data security certificate to our customers upon request.